Mighty Mac CPSC82HEX Stump Grinder

Mighty Mac CPSC82HEX Stump Grinder

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Mighty Mac CPSC82HEX Stump Grinder with Honda OHV

Part Number: MMCPSC82HEX

The Stump Cutter by MacKissic is compact and portable with a reversible handle bar for front or rear cutting.

The Stump Cutter has an operator presence handle which when released will engage the braking system and stop the cutter head in less then 3 seconds. The frame is a uni-body construction with a kickstand that will protect the cutter head during storage and double as a guard while in use. The engine is protected by the front bumper which also provides a strong lifting handle and tie down for transportation.

Stump Cutter actionThe Stump Cutter features a patented cutter head. The cutter head is set thirty degrees off vertical to allow for smooth cutting of the stump rather then grinding the stump. The teeth are also off-set: straight, 25 degrees, and 45 degrees for the smoothest cutter available.

There is still easy access to the cutter head for quick sharpening or replacement.

The handle bars have a height adjustment to allow for differences in operators heights and size of the stump.

From the creators of the small stump cutter category, the new MacKissic Merry Commercial Mini Stump Cutter continues the tradition of making stump grinding easy.

Stump Cutter actionLike its big brother, the Mini’s unique operator position allows the user to see the stump and cutter head at all times during operation. The cutter head orientation provides smooth stump removal rivaled only by its big brother. Unlike other stump cutters that impair the operator’s view, the ability to see the work in progress makes for faster and safer stump removal. Our product category exclusive braking system stops the cutter head in less than three seconds.

  • Engine: Honda OHV Engine Recoil Start
  • Cutter Head: Patented Tongue & Groove System
  • Cutter Teeth: 9 Car- bide Resharpenable Teeth
  • Wheel Brake: 6” Disk With Mechanical Caliper
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Tyres: 330mm x 122mm (13” x 5”) Pneumatic
  • Width: 635mm (25”) Fits Through A Standard Gate
  • Height: 1041mm (41”)
  • Machine Warranty: 2 Year Consumer/90 Day Commercial, Engine Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Weight: (NW) 147kg