Bosch ART 30-36LI Cordless Line Trimmer

Bosch ART 30-36LI Cordless Line Trimmer

Product Code: BOART30-36LI
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Bosch ART 30-36LI Cordless Line Trimmer

2 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee

Part Number: BOART30-36LI

The ART 30-36LI a cut above other lawn trimmers
The ART 30-36 LI cordless heavy duty trimmer is an advanced gardening tool that makes it easier than ever for gardeners to cut and maintain their lawns. Achieving that perfectly manicured look for your lawn is no longer a struggle. The ART 30-36 LI transforms even the toughest of cutting jobs into an enjoyable and relaxing experience outdoors. With its large 30 cm cutting diameter it quickly cuts large areas of grass. The lithium-ion battery keeps you going for longer at high cutting speeds and increases mobility. That saves you time and effort. Thanks to the intelligent Bosch Syneon Chip the battery delivers more runtime so that even complex projects are easy to handle.

Have the garden you always wanted
The Bosch ART 30-36 LI boasts a streamlined and robust exterior that is able to withstand the toughest gardening conditions while providing gardeners with total control over the quality of their work. The ergonomic, fully-adjustable handles provide a strong grip that can easily reach awkward spots and clear away excess grass. This heavy duty trimmer is designed to reduce strain on users' arms due to the balanced distribution of its weight and to improve operational manoeuvrability. Additionally, the two-speed trigger allows you to quickly adjust power output to adapt to the cutting medium. The device comes with the intelligent Syneon Chip which controls perfect interaction between Lithium-Ion battery, powerful motor and robust gearbox.

Engineered to the highest specifications
The ART 30-36 LI is a best-in-class lawn trimmer that features cutting edge technology developed by Bosch to simplify the work of gardeners while caring for their lawns. The ART 30-36 LI comes with a powerful 36V/2.6 Ah battery that delivers up to 35 minutes running time and requires only 90 minutes to charge completely. The 30 cm semi-auto feed cutting system is the largest in its category, yet the ART 30-36 LI lawn trimmer weighs just 4 kg with the battery pack included.

Handle every lawn trimming job with ease
Lawn trimming is a cinch when you have the power and flexibility of Bosch's ART 30-36 LI heavy duty trimmer at your disposal. This cutting-edge, cordless lawn trimmer can effortlessly slice through every type of grass, as well as nettles and weeds, clearing large spaces in seconds and helping you accomplish trimming jobs quicker.

The ultimate lawn trimming tool for your garden
The ART 30-36 LI is Bosch's class-leading cordless lawn trimming tool that cuts even the toughest gardening jobs down to size thanks to its powerful and versatile cutting performance. Designed to the highest expectations in terms of comfort and effectiveness, the ART 30-36 LI provides gardeners with an easy-to-use trimming tool that seamlessly adapts to any gardening conditions and user needs. The ART 30-36 LI comes with an energy-efficient battery package that offers up to 35 minutes of continuous, high-speed cutting performance and a durable 30 cm semi-auto feed cutting system.

  • 30cm cutting diameter
  • 70 minute charger
  • Edging function
  • Semi-automatic line feed
  • Dual-line cutting system for high, efficient cut quality
  • 2 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee
  • Weight: (NW) 4kg